CRM in the Cloud - Implementation Lessons


Larry Page - NUIGLiam McDwyer - Vulcan Solutions

Presentation Outline:
* University Requirements and Priority – what were the business problems?
* Solution Design – what have we got, what do we need, how does it fit?
* On Premise versus Cloud – what’s the difference, what’s the TCO, are we ready?
* Hidden Costs of cloud enabling your infrastructure – choose Cloud, now what do I need to build on premise?
* Not just SAAS - Dynamics CRM is a SAAS URL, but what about surrounding server requirement for portals or integration - Azure PAAS
* Managing servers in hybrid cloud – MS SCVMM, VMs on premise and in the cloud managed seamlessly
* Authentication considerations – what accounts, Live at Edu vs. Office 365, On premise AD, ADFS
* Implementation – Agile, integrate once, pilot, deploy often, incremental functionality
* Technical Benefits – leverage MS investment, common interface, common reporting,
* Future plans

Addressing the following conference topics:
* Applications
* Cloud Computing/Migration
* ICT Systems and Services
* Virtualisation
* Hosting