Dr John Keating - An Foras Feasa

This IRCHSS and Intel funded RDI project “Delivering a Universal Learning Environment for Digital Humanities Education” focussed on the development of distance-based digital humanities education, through the building of a component (or software tool) that can be deployed in current and future Virtual Learning Environments (VLE). Partners included An Foras Feasa, Irish Film Institute and Intel Ireland, Ltd. The key deliverables included: (i) a methodology for the creation of authentic online Digital Humanities Education learning modules; (ii) a software component (CRADLE) that is deployable in a variety of learning environments; (iii) knowledge transfer between partners in industry, university and a cultural institution, with regard to the enhancement of distance-based digital humanities education. This paper will focus on the features of CRADLE, and how it supports research and education in the Humanities.