A Strategy for Disaster Recovery


John Curran - UCD

In UCD, the IT Services Disaster recovery incident plan has been put into effect several times in the past few years to meet the challenges of incidents ranging from fires and floods, to unscheduled outages on major systems. This talk seeks to present our experiences in:

* Anatomy of a disaster- incidents, people and panic.
* Rapid methods for Disaster Recovery planning and analysis. Methods are presented to facilitate rapid identification of brittle or stressed systems and critical dependencies in an organisations systems and processes.
* Definition and development of a response plan, and the plan’s evolution in response to incidents, with focus on key areas.
* Decision making and leadership during an incident.
* The particular features of the Higher education context and how this impacts DR.
* The emergence of social media and real-time commentary from the user community. Crisis communications strategies that have proven effective in these areas.

The talk is light and fast paced, and will be supplemented by access to online materials and tools available, and extensive example material.