Mark O'Leary MBCS

Network Service Development

Mark’s role is head of net service development for Janet, the UK’s national research and education network provider. This translates as any Janet service which doesn’t revolve around low level networking protocols falling within the remit of his development group. Included in their current programme are video technologies, mobility (both 4G and WiFi including eduroam) and AIM developments (covering certificates, the UK access management federation and Moonshot).

Mark has also lead the recent reinvention of Janet’s videoconferencing offering, now re-branded as v-scene, which launched at the end of July. He has worked within Janet’s Strategic Technologies division of some 8 years, following previous roles in the networking teams of UK universities. His academic background is as both a molecular biologist and historian of science – a curious introduction to data networking.

Talk Title:

V-Scene Video Conferencing Service

Plenary Speakers:
Patrick O'Regan - Maynooth UniversityPaul Jones - TCDRonan Byrne - HEAnet Valerie King - UCC
Parallel A Speakers:
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Ken O'Kelly - Juniper NetworksKilian Murphy - UCCMark O'Leary MBCS - JANET
Nora Clarke - University of Agder, NorwaySanjay Chohan - Juniper Networks
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Rebecca Grant - Digital Repository IrelandSinéad Redmond - Maynooth University
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Jeremy Britton - UCDPeter Clarke - UCDPeter Trevaskis - DellRegina McNulty - Smartbay Ireland
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