Pat Cluney

Senior Techical Officer Network Systems

Pat is the Senior Technical Officer at WIT in charge of network systems and has worked at the Institute since 1999.

Prior to that Pat worked as a Senior Engineer for Siemens SBS Ireland engaging with large customers such as Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB, Revenue, Tesco and other similar Siemens customers in Ireland . Since joining WIT Pat has overseen major upgrades and expansion programs to the network across multiple campuses in Waterford and has worked closely with technical staff in HEAnet to establish the local PoP at WIT and to transition from the initial external bandwidth of 6Mb to the current 10Gb service.

WIT has required the IPv6 protocol since 2003 due to the research engaged in by TSSG, this was initially provided by an IPv6 tunnel, which was upgraded to a native IPv6 connection in 2007. The national IPV6 test centre was established at WIT in the TSSG Carriganore Campus in 2006, and this has further contributed to the need for IPv6 within WIT.

During these transitions Pat has worked on ensuring that all network equipment has been dual stack enabled. More recently Pat has been involved in completing the rollout of IPV6 capabilities to the wider ICT infrastructure from servers to client desktops. Pat’s talk will share his experience of this project and discuss the advantages of moving to IPv6 at this time.

Talk Title:

Implementation of IPv6 at WIT

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