Cloudward Bound

Dr Geoff Bradley - TCD

Is there a viable strategy for the more aggressive adoption of cloud in HEI?

IT departments are under increasing pressure to provide a greater number of services, at reduced cost, via multiple delivery models with the “business” striving for greater agility, competitiveness and increased productivity. The cloud can provide a significant range of benefits to organisations including increased solution choice and flexibility, faster time to solution, and reduced total cost of ownership.

While the cloud presents great opportunities for the organisations, it also presents new challenges that must be managed. The path to the cloud is far from straightforward.

The cloud is not a new concept for High Education Institutes. Many HEI’s have widely embraced the cloud with “low handing” services such as student and staff mail long migrated to cloud providers. However, few HEI’s have embraced an aggressive cloud adoption strategy. Indeed, traditional return on investment models for the cloud, when applied to HEI’s, do not always stand up to scrutiny. Many HEI’s have existing data centre with access to cheap power, high speed data networks, and access to substantial discounts for hardware and software that SME’s and large corporates cannot necessarily achieve.

This talk examines the adoption of the cloud from an Irish HEI context and looks at:

• What Higher Education Institutes are currently doing in cloud;
• The major policy considerations for migration to the cloud;
• The major challenges with and strategies for the large scale migration of services to the cloud.