Henry Batten - Meru Networks

The phrase "Software-Defined Networking" has become popular over roughly the past two years or so. Software Defined Networking (SDN) represents an inflection point in the networking industry. With SDN, IT can automate control of the network according to high level policies rather than manual device by device configuration using 25 year old technologies such as CLI, SNMP or GUI for each type of device. SDN enables simplicity, scale and automation. A number of network switch and router vendors have announced intent to support or are shipping supported SDN enabled switches, including NEC, Hewlett-Packard, Alcatel-Lucent, Big Switch Networks, Brocade Communications, Arista Networks, NoviFlow, Cisco, Dell Force10, Extreme Networks, IBM, Juniper Networks, Digisol, Larch Networks, and MikroTik.

However, most users today access the network from wireless. The promise of SDN cannot be delivered until the WLAN controllers and Access Points embrace the spirit and goals of the open networking community and open up. The SDN Wi-Fi is about WLAN Controllers/Access Points providing programmability for their forwarding plan and thereby enabling the transition to SDN-enabled unified network. In this paper, you will learn why you should start asking for SDN Wi-Fi.