UniShare - Analytics with Added Value

Lorna Dodd - UCD Jeremy Britton - UCD

For several years many units within UCD have actively collected statistics and gathered large quantities of information about what they do. But what is the purpose of this data and how can it be used to add value and improve services?

For a number of years, both the Library and the Student Desk in UCD Registry had been using a third party call-logging software for the purposes of recording student queries and reporting on workload.

The drive to replace this system with a more user-friendly, purpose built and useful tool led to a joint collaboration between developers from UCD IT Services and staff members from the Student Desk. As a result, in 2012 a bespoke system named UniShare was born. UniShare is a CRM tool which sits within UCD’s primary management information system (InfoHub) and links to integrated data in UCD’s data-warehouses of HR, finance, student and research information. It links directly with the student record database, providing staff with all the relevant and necessary information to deal with queries. It also provides the ability to record, share and analyse information pertaining to these queries.

This presentation will outline how the development of UniShare is transforming the way in which data is being used, analysed and shared across UCD to improve both the student experience and services.

Within UCD there is currently a strong focus on working collaboratively across different support and academic units, sharing expertise and experience. Within this context, an initiative called ‘Work Smarter Together’ was established in UCD by the Library, Registry and IT Services units. This collaboration created an environment for staff from each unit to come-together, share and discuss issues which affect all of us.

As a direct result of these discussions, the Library learnt about UniShare and immediately recognised its potential in opening up a new way of using Library statistics to inform and improve services. In June 2014 UCD Library began using UniShare. The introduction of a CRM tool has added a value and understanding of the complete student experience in the Library. This presentation will illustrate how the Library plan to use the data within UniShare to enhance and improve Library services by informing staffing decisions and service models; understanding and targeting the service needs of specific student groups and informing the library’s teaching and learning practices.

Data stored within UniShare has the potential to unlock key information that can help us improve the student experience in UCD. This presentation will explore UCD’s journey using “analytics to adding value”. It will conclude that the introduction of UniShare has not only enabled us to enhance services at a local unit level but has also enabled units to share and analyse data at an institutional level with an aim to make informed and effective service improvements in a way that has never been done previously.