V-Scene Video Conferencing Service

Mark O'Leary MBCS - JANET

This presentation will demonstrate the new v-scene service for HEAnet users. Attendees should look forward to a live demo of the easy to use interface, a new browser-based desktop client and tools to enable recording and live streaming of any event by any user.

Janet has long battled on the side of videoconferencing users against the forces of confusion, misinformation and obscure terminology.
Our latest weapon, and yours, is a new conference management interface called v-scene. v-scene attempts to hide or remove most of the confusion found in scheduling conferences between multiple VC system types. With v-scene, you donít need to know what type of VC system your collaborators have, or mess about with dialling long numbers. This is NREN grown videoconferencing without any fuss.

v-scene enables any user to book a videoconference. Users can schedule or launch a conference involving any of the service features, including recording and streaming, and add participants and guests in any combination of interoperable videoconference standards.

v-scene (live in July 2014) is now available across the UK and Ireland for education and research users.

v-scene also enables Janet to offer MCU scheduling as a cloud service, and HEAnet, being a major consulted stakeholder in the development, is the first NREN to share in the service. In addition to Janet, HEAnet will use the service as a user interface to their MCU resources and to offer their users easier conference management. This cloud scheduling approach enables HEAnetsís own MCUs to be prioritised for their users, but also potentially allows access to a wider pool of MCU resources at times of high demand across the UK.

Background - The Janet Videoconference Service
The Janet Videoconference Service has evolved over the last 15 years to become a feature rich service fronted by an automated videoconference management system.

The service is available free at the point of use to all members of the Janet and HEAnet Communities. There are over 7000 registered videoconference systems and over 8000 users. The service manages approximately 2000 videoconferences per month via Janet and HEAnetís centralised infrastructure.
Of enormous value to the service are the operators in Edinburgh, who have a great reputation for providing instant assistance if expert manual intervention is required.

The Janet Videoconference service can currently interoperate between ISDN, IP and the JVCS Desktop client. IP endpoints can be registered using IP address, e.164 (Global Dialling Scheme) or SIP URI. Janet is also working with NRENum.net as a longer term global scheme.