System Administrators vs Hackers: How to close the skills gap

Anthony Keane 
Head of Department of Infor...
IT Blanchardstown
Jason Flood 
Phd candidate
IT Blanchardstown

Anthony Keane, Jason Flood - ITB - System Administrators vs Hackers, How to close the skills gap.pdf

The skills deficiency between network system administrators and hackers is one of the greatest weaknesses in protecting computer networks. Keeping system administrators up-to-date with latest tools and techniques can be a costly endeavour in terms of time and resources. One of the most cost effective approaches to this problem is for system administrators to participate in Cyber Challenges & Capture-the-Flag Competitions.

This talk presents the knowledge gained from fours years of data generated from running Cyber Challenges on behalf of IRISS, OWASP and various private companies. We look at how Cyber Challenges work and demonstrate a method to measure and close the skills gap between system administrators and hackers.

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