Transforming Education: New Opportunities, New Approaches

There are shifts happening in the global economy which make education more important than ever. Growth is shifting to emerging markets and many advanced/developed economies are struggling to provide adequate job opportunities for citizens even as their economies are starting to grow and recover. It is imperative that the education system provides adequate skilled labour to support growth, while also ensuring that citizens’ skills are aligned with labour market needs. In tandem with these pressures, education itself is poised for radical transformation from the digitisation of content, new delivery models and new competitors, as well as rising student and parent expectations of improved service quality. Institutions must effectively address these challenges against the background of rising demand and financial pressures. This paper will

* Examine the scale and magnitude of these trends globally and for Ireland

* Share best practice knowledge, experience and lessons on how data, technology, and social media such as Twitter and Facebook, can be leveraged improve student retention, and transform academic and operational service delivery

* Share details on how cognitive computing can radically transform student services by providing ‘always on’, personalised student support and advice

* Share examples from where IBM is working with education institutions and organisations globally to help them successfully address these challenges and capitalise on new opportunities.

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