Ireland’s Marine Data Opportunity

Eoin O'Grady 
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Marine Institute

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Ireland has an increasingly rich marine data resource. The sources, types and volumes of marine data being acquired nationally are rapidly increasing with new marine data acquisition systems such as the Galway Bay cabled observatory, new seabed mapping systems on the Celtic Explorer and Celtic Voyager, the ROV Holland 1, operational models, remote-sensing sources and other new data acquisition activities leading to a significant increase in the volume and variety of marine observation data being captured.

Although more and more data are being acquired these data are often being acquired in different ways by different sources, and made available using various mechanisms resulting in fragmented systems. This can make it difficult for an end-user to discover and access the data or information they need in the way they need to, including through software systems. More consistent and flexible methods for accessing marine data and information from a wide range of sources would support research and development, would promote better decision making, and would greatly increase the potential value of data acquired.

With the emergence of new ICT technologies and these new sources of data there is now both a challenge and opportunity to develop data systems that can effectively process and manage these rich new sources of data. The Marine Institute is working with partners and applying new data technologies to enable the integration of data from a large number of sources including connected sensors, operational models and distributed data archives to promote the discovery, access and reuse of Ireland’s extensive marine data resource.

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