GÉANT Services for Irish Researchers

Guy Roberts 
Senior Transport Network Arch...

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GÉANT is the world’s most advanced and well-connected research and education network: together with HEAnet its 500Gbps-capable network connects research and education users in Ireland to over 50 million users and 6,000 institutions in 100 countries world-wide. Every National Research Network in Europe connects to GÉANT, with far better performance than the general internet.

But the benefits of GÉANT for HEAnet clients extend far beyond the provision of robust, high capacity connectivity that research and education users rely upon; GÉANT’s programme of innovation is pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver advanced networking solutions, and its roles in science and education engagement and service delivery are helping to facilitate the connectivity and services that are vital for Irish research and education users.

This presentation will focus the services that are specifically relevant to HEAnet clients, including:

* Multi Domain VPN: As used by TSSG to participate in the Future Internet “XIFI” project, GÉANT’s new multi-domain VPN service has been adopted by HEAnet to allow researchers collaborating across different countries to participate in the same network.

* Content provider peerings: GÉANT established a highly reliable and performant path to Blackboard (specifically for HEAnet’s clients) and many other important academic and commercial resources.

* GÉANT testbed service: researchers in HEAnet clients can create their own user-defined experimental networks, for themselves or in collaboration with groups in other countries, for the purpose of testing novel networking and telecommunications concepts.

* High capacity intercontinental links: As HEAnet clients increase their research and collaboration links with institutions in the US and Asia, GEANT supports access of European universities, as well as co-ordination activity for supporting projects and troubleshooting intercontinental connectivity issues for individual institutions.

* Remote campuses: Support for European university and college remote campuses and overseas partnerships via collaboration with regional partners to ensure connectivity and services are deployed that meet the needs of global universities and students. This section will include a case study from JISC in the UK on their work together with GÉANT in this area.

* IaaS procurement: HEAnet and GÉANT are collaborating on joint IaaS procurement activities, using our economies of scale across Europe to bring better value cloud services to HEAnet clients.

* Network greening activities: Led by HEAnet on behalf of GÉANT, we are encouraging the improvement of energy efficiency of the GÉANT service delivery chain, from core GÉANT services to the NRENs and connected institutions.

To conclude, the objective will be to stimulate discussions between IT staff and research groups and HEAnet and GÉANT on how best to support international collaborations and requirements via the provision of connectivity, co-ordination or advanced services.

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