The Higher Education Data Model

Mike Agnew 
VP, Localisation Solutions

Mike Agnew - Ellucian - The higher edu data model.pdf

For organisations across Ireland and, indeed, worldwide, the information that they create, manage and share becomes mission critical to the overall success of the organisation. Frequently, the information is contained within complex data structures and each separate application has a different concept of how that information looks, how it is structured and how it is communicated.

At Ellucian, our ongoing work across the HE sector led us to recognise that enabling our customers to unlock this information was a necessity. To achieve this, making multiple systems work “as one” was a critical requirement. Put simply, it meant that we needed a standardised means of illustrating the world of higher education.

In many industries standards already exist, albeit with only partial adoption. In the HE sector, however, Ellucian had a unique opportunity to start with a “clean slate” and to create something new…and so we created the Higher Education Data Modal (HeDM). HeDM is a defined standard to illustrate a uniform view of “the world”, so that users can view data and interact with each other. The data model itself creates a defined data object or entity, reaching all corners of an institution, covering Recruitment, Students, Finance, Advancement and beyond.

This presentation will examine:

1. The challenges faced
2. The potential benefits
3. How the HeDM relates to the Irish HE sector
4. Next steps

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