How SDN can Transform the Modern Agile HE&R Community

Universities are businesses looking to attract the finest and richest students from around the world. A key aspect of a university is its IT infrastructure, it needs to be world class if the university is to attract world class students. SDN can help universities use their Infrastructure more efficiently and dynamically across the campus and even scale out to a public cloud.

The Modern University no longer wants to wait for the IT department to deploy applications. The IT department is now finding itself competing with the likes of Google, Amazon and Microsoft as a provider of and host of applications which often leads to the so called “Shadow IT” nightmare. The IT Department needs to undergo a massive transformation to enable it to stay relevant, this transformation moves from a traditional Silo of Scale UP Data Center to a Scale out dynamic Datacenter where workloads can be created, moved and scaled as the Business requirements change.

With SDN a University is able to use resources where they are available and allow Department heads to quickly and easily request resources and services all instantly via an on-line portal. Using SDN technologies the IT department is able to become more agile and offer new services quickly to the university and its students hence helping it stay at the forefront and continue to attract the finest from across the globe.

This talk will focus on how SDN and Automantion can take the work already been done to virtualise the datacenter and enable to it be used more efficiently and allow a more agile approach to providing services to the University.

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