Customer 2020 – Leading on Interaction and Insight

Graham Fagan 
Head of Digital Interaction ...

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To be a real “agent for change” you need to intimately know what your customers’ needs are and how you are going to address each aspect of their journey. If you don’t believe you have customers, take another look! Customer Experience (CX) is going through rapid change. As service providers, not only do we want to understand and anticipate this change, we want to impact it.

For the past five years, BT and Avaya’s globally renowned Autonomous Customer research has guided senior decision-makers in developing successful customer experience strategies. By capturing and quantifying consumer attitudes and behaviours based on their interactions with organisations – whether by phone, email, internet self-service, web-chat, social media or video conferencing – the Autonomous Customer reveals what the public really want from the organisations they deal with. Insights from the research gives organisations the chance to differentiate their service offer from that of their competitors.

Autonomous Customers are so called because they spurn brand loyalty, looking instead to family, friends and online users unknown to them to support their purchasing and life decisions. Super-charged by access to online information, they research and investigate decisions like never before. They use self-service to stay in control, are less loyal to organisations, and more difficult to engage. The challenge for organisations in 2015 is to reconnect with these people.

BT and Avaya have renewed and extended its research into the Autonomous Customer to give, for the first time, a global perspective. Based on the views of 5,500 respondents across Belgium, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Spain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), the UK and the USA. The presentation will share for the first time in Ireland these latest key trends in consumer behaviour. The 2015 findings reveal a number of significant opportunities for organisations to re-engage with Autonomous Customers, rebuilding trust and ultimately creating more profitable relationships

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