Open Minds and Open Doors: Managing eLearning Supports at UCD Library

James Molloy 
College Liaison Librarian
UCD Library
Peter Hickey 
Head of Client Services
UCD Library

James Molloy, Peter Hickey - UCD - Open minds and open doors.pdf

Since 2006 UCD Library has ventured into the creation of “in-house” learning supports through various Web 2.0 projects. This has developed over time from an initial ad hoc approach to a more formal management of eLearning. A recognition of responsibility for eLearning was assigned to staff portfolios and investment in staff training, equipment and software has been provided. Elearning is core to the library strategy to better support teaching and learning needs within the university. Ongoing collaboration with key stakeholders on campus has been pivotal in shaping this project and we will continue explore further partnerships in the future.

This presentation will explain the rationale for our approach, look at the organisational structures and supports that we have put in place to coordinate and deliver our services. We will look at some of the resources created, explore the challenges we have encountered, and what lessons we have learned to date.

Finally we will ask where next for UCD Library and eLearning. Key to this success is keeping the door open to new ideas and to look for new opportunities and developments in a constantly changing digital landscape. Can the ambition stem beyond the campus and work at a national level? We really are at the beginning of a process that has had relatively good success, there is still a long way to go, but we are glad that we have taken the first steps on this journey.

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