Cathal O'Donnell
ICT Facilities Manager
Cathal O’Donnell is ICT Facilities Manager in IT Services, Trinity College Dublin. He successfully project manged the delivery of Campus SmartCard to primarily address a physical access control problem. The project was further developed to rollout a cashless vending solution called T Card.

Cathal leads the team responsible for the layer 1/ physical network in Trinity, along with the Data Centres, telephone system and Audio-Visual and digital signage systems and the public access computer rooms. Previously served in the Defence Forces as a Captain in the Communications and Information Services Corps

LT1: T Card - how a physical access control problem became a cashless vending solution

Plenary Speakers:
Anna Wilson - HEAnet
Glenn Wearen - HEAnet
John Boland - HEAnet
Jon Holgate - University of Cambridge
Liam Kennedy - HEAnet

Parallel A:
Dr Kevin O'Rourke - National Forum T&L
Dr Terry Maguire - National Forum T&L
John Cox - NUIG
Sean Towns - Dell
Steve Mulhearn - Fortinet

Parallel C:
Robert Allen - Unity Technology Sol...

Parallel D: Workshop Area

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