Jean Francois (Jef) Bucas
Senior Systems Administrator
Jef is Senior System Administrator at DIAS, having worked for the institute since 2008.

Being a Linux enthusiast and IPv6 supporter, he has spent most of his career trying to develop solutions to organize the servers ecosystem.

Routers: From Cisco/Juniper hardware to Linux/Quagga software

Plenary Speakers:
Anna Wilson - HEAnet
Glenn Wearen - HEAnet
John Boland - HEAnet
Jon Holgate - University of Cambridge
Liam Kennedy - HEAnet

Parallel A:
Dr Kevin O'Rourke - National Forum T&L
Dr Terry Maguire - National Forum T&L
John Cox - NUIG
Sean Towns - Dell
Steve Mulhearn - Fortinet

Parallel C:
Robert Allen - Unity Technology Sol...

Parallel D: Workshop Area

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