Digital Transformation at RCPI

Adrian Rath 
ICT Manager

...Computer Based Testing for Examinations, a new VLE, Website, an Ecommerce Engine and all delivered in 8 months!

The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland is Ireland’s largest postgraduate medical training organisation. Its mission is to train, educate and continuously develop doctors for current and future societal needs; to be a leading medical expert on matters; to develop clinical leaders; to be a collaborator to drive healthcare improvements and develop and maintain standards and guidelines to support best medical practice. Its ICT organisation provides a broad portfolio of services to its staff and 10,000+ user population spread both nationally and globally using a mix of Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Following extensive customer research and in depth analysis of how customers wish to engage with RCPI digital services, RCPI has rapidly innovated and implemented or replaced a number of systems in less than a year. A computer-based testing system has been implemented to replace paper based examinations. It can deliver secure proctored exams in six countries starting at the same time. RCPI can now scale up the number of candidates it can examine without additional staff or travel. It has replaced its website with a modern and engaging presence, fully mobile enabled with a related logged in customer portal which responds to what the logged in user requires depending on who the customer is. It has added a new ecommerce engine to its web presence which is focused on a learning organisation and integrates tightly with its associated VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). Its Moodle VLE has been replaced with a new system which is socially orientated and enables virtual common-interest communities for its members, fellows and trainees engaged in continuing medical education and life-long learning. It is CDN (Content Delivery Network) enabled for unprecedented scalability. It is also fully mobile enabled and allows a customer purchasing a product to gain access to any associated digital learning product within minutes of making the purchase. It enables the College to engage with its customers in a complete new and innovative way.

Finally, it has gone from not having any automated message based integration at all to implementing an integration platform which results in once and once only data entry and ensures that information stored once in one system is transmitted to all other systems it needs to be immediately.

This presentation explores the RCPI’s strategy, its rapid innovation, the journey towards implementing these systems and its learning experiences to date.

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