IT ownership of change management

Shahla Sabetnia 
Senior Programme Manager

Today, leaders of higher education institutions and academic medical centres face a rising number of challenges and opportunities. Diverging forces such as economic pressures, new policies and legislation, and evolving technology enabling new methods of learning and research continually challenge ways of working and each competes for a share of voice at leadership level.

Despite increasingly extensive adoption of technologies in virtually every aspect of education, we still face significant challenges that prevents us from effective implementation of change across organisation. The challenges are relevant to business change, strategic and tactical initiatives, and often ways of working, before technology projects themselves are even considered.

As a result, the role of IT Leaders is significant in terms organisational importance, and it has evolved from a technical person holding a managerial role to an education and business executive consuming the technical post.

At RCSI we have taken full ownership of driving change and its implementation. We work closely with our stakeholders to understand the unique challenges and opportunities confronting their environment. By evaluating each challenge as an opportunity, we help to position education and faculty leaders to advance their objectives and better prepare them for challenges of tomorrow.

We established a team that has a collaborative mindset and an outcome-focused approach. With this approach and by taking ownership of the change implementation we have managed to enable our education leaders to align and optimize their resources to their fullest, so that they can give their attention to what matters most.

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