Identity Management - a solution for faster and more efficient delivery of services

Bridin Walsh 
Business Systems Programme M...

How do we manage such a broad portfolio of user services?
How do we know who needs access to what?
How can we rollout new services quickly and efficiently to such a diverse user community?
How do we deliver services to new joiners on a timely basis and end access when they leave?
What about the non-staff/non-students, such as visiting lecturers and maintenance contractors?

If any, or all, of these pose a challenge in your third-level institution, then it may be worth looking to identity management to help bridge some of these gaps.

Identity Management in simple terms relates to capturing
- who the end users are
- what roles they play
- what services they require access to

UCD has developed an Identity Management System (IDMS) that serves as a master source of identity, role and service information.

The IDMS in UCD supports the automated delivery of a range of services including id cards, IT account creation, access to management reports, access to online systems and applications, library borrowing rights, door access control, intranet access, access to O365 and other directory services.

The information can also serve as a central source of identity information for downstream systems and is used for pre-population of online forms in a number of applications.

In this presentation I will share UCD’s IDMS journey to include

• the approach we took
• the IDMS solution components
• the speedbumps & roadblocks that we met along the way
• plans for the future

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