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Specialising in the Educational Sector McKeon Group’s Technology Division supply and service all aspects of building automation systems including Audio Visual installations, Lighting Controls, Building Management Systems and more across Ireland. This results in cost, time and energy savings for clients along with a much improved end-user experience.

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Modern Classrooms & Presentations
Transform the classroom into a dynamic learning environment that's interactive, collaborative, and easy to use thanks to our broad offering of education solutions. From integrated AV and lighting systems that create the perfect presentation setup to customized solutions for unique learning experiences, coupled with our hands-on approach to “flipped learning” environments, McKeon Group raises the bar for students & Teachers.

Easy Control
No more searching for the lost remote control, or fiddling with Audio & screen settings on systems which do not interact. Start class with the touch of a button. An intuitive display makes it easy for anyone to select content to present, adjust lighting and shades, and even record lectures. With multi-window display, live annotation, and wireless presentation at your fingertips, the classroom becomes a canvas for learning.

Live Participation & Flipped Classrooms
Flipped Classroom learning environments are becoming the norm. We now devote more time in class to collaborative exercises, projects & discussions. McKeon Group provides the technology to make this learning environment as seamless and as productive as possible.

Engage students and bring lectures to life with enhanced classroom experiences. Crestron’s Airmedia product enables multiple participants to connect wirelessly and share content on a screen, or switch from one device to the next for seamless presentations and collaboration on the fly. Users can even bring their own devices to present — including tablet and mobile devices — to create an educational experience that goes beyond the whiteboard.

Lecture Capture & Streaming
More & more people are talking about Lecture Capture and there are a huge amount of systems on the market. McKeon Group provide the expertise to help you choose the system which is right for you.

Our Lecture Capture systems streams or records live lectures, including the presenter and the content, creating a versatile educational resource. Recordings then can be distributed automatically online, providing students instant access to the classroom no matter where they are or when they need it. Whether it's for distance education, help for absent students, or just supplementary course material, the possibilities to expand learning are endless.

Beyond the Classroom & Across Campus
McKeon Group’s Service offerings extend to all aspects of your buildings and Campus including.

- Meeting Room Automation & Booking Systems
- Digital Signage
- Large Auditoriums & Event Spaces
- Access Control
- BMS Integration
- Bespoke Podium & Furniture Design

As a multi-disciplinary contractor our Construction, Electrical & Mechanical Divisions can work together to offer a full turn-key service to our clients.

Integrated, Intelligent & Connected Systems
Maintaining all of these systems is of paramount importance, 3rd Level institutes have no tolerance for downtime and McKeon Group Understand this. We ensure that only quality equipment is installed from the start, extended warranties & spares holdings are in place and through our maintenance contracts, we offer response times of down to 2 Hours.

In Conjunction with this, the system must be monitored for faults before they become a Problem. Crestron Fusion is the smart way to integrate disparate systems across campus on one platform. Network all of your multimedia, environmental, and room-scheduling technology using your existing IT infrastructure, and Crestron Fusion™ enterprise management platform will let you monitor and control these systems together from anywhere. No matter the campus size, Crestron Fusion will save you time and money with easier and more efficient management of your resources.

Our Partners
McKeon Group design & build AV systems to suit the End-User. We do not push a particular product and will listen to the needs of every client to deliver best in class solutions.

We work with Market Leading AV Manufacturers in order to achieve this:

- Crestron
- Extron Electronics
- Panasonic
- AXIS Communications
- Lumens
- LG
- Samsung
- Lancom Systems
- ProjectA