LT01: Your 60 seconds start now

Room A - Thu 14:45


Brian Nisbet - HEAnet

TIME STAMP 0:00 - 05:53

In times of yore it would take users some time to notice that their Internet connection was down. While NOC's still tried to fix things as quickly as possible, reasonable SLA's were accepted and issues only occurred if they were breached. Time has moved on and tolerance for service outages has dropped. The SLA's service providers and IT departments offer our clients (and, by definition, our end users) often haven't really moved on to reflect this new reality. These days many services have an effective SLA of closer to a minute i.e. the time between the service (such as a Virtual Learning Environment) going offline and the end user noticing.

This talk gives an insight into some of the operational philosophy behind the HEAnet NOC, without simply talking about number of staff, opening hours or contact details. It is also a useful vehicle to discuss communication methods & philosophies at an event attended by clients.

While this is presented from the point of view of HEAnet, the questions raised and addressed are applicable to all HEAnet clients. These touch on how NOC's/IT Departments have and must continue to change to meet these needs; how communication needs to change; general incident management; how to stop a mole hill from becoming a mountain and what to do when it does.