LT06: The Road to 365

Room A - Thu 15:15


TIME STAMP 22:07 - 28:05

Our technological journey took us from open source software and on-premise physical hardware, to the Microsoft ecosystem and VMs in the space of 2 years. The entire staff and student body - totalling 16,000 users, identities and mailboxes – had to be migrated.

Once there, firstly (and in short order) the University had a change of name and consequential domain change ( to resulting in a change of Microsoft identity for all staff, and all the pitfalls that go with it – before and after, from decent communications to the ins and outs of the technology itself. Secondly, compared to other institutes, our extremely permissive permissions allow staff and students to create and collaborate on pretty much whatever they like – our philosophy being, “Don’t fight the cloud, move with it!