Cyber Crime

Room A - Thu 11:00


The purpose of this presentation will be to talk about the new world we are living in. As more and more services move into a digital world, there are more and more opportunities for criminal activity in this digital world. The issue is that the awareness, the laws, and the tools are trying to play catch up in a space that is moving very fast.

This issue is growing in criticality. It is typically one of the largest risks facing Universities and there remains a question:

• What SHOULD IT do?
• What COULD IT do?
• What are our concrete plans?

2018 will bring with it the need to bring Universities into compliance with GDPR legislation which adds to the challenges.

My presentation will be a case study of what’s happened in UCC over the past 2 years in terms of Cyber Crime, and how we are tackling this.

It will also look to the future and ask the question of the role of HEAnet, the need for a Cyber Crime unit, IT Departments, etc.