Inside Discovery - The Journey to Summon 2.0

Room C - Thu 11:00


With UCC Library’s strategic aim to improve access to, and discoverability of, information resources, a Project Team was established to review discovery services in August 2016. The three elements of discovery services to be explored were the search / discovery layer, the knowledge base and the link resolver. The remit of the Project Team was to review best practice; consult with internal and external stakeholders; organise vendor demonstrations and make a recommendation regarding product selection.

A critical factor emerged within the first fortnight of the project when UCC Library was notified that the ongoing development and support of their existing open source knowledge base and link resolver products would cease on 31 August 2017. Therefore a new service solution needed to be in place before the end of August 2017. This resulted in the Discovery Services Review Project Team morphing into the Implementation Team to push forward the implementation process in May 2017.

A discovery service does not sit isolated from other IT systems and services. It has to be interoperable with existing library and campus-wide systems and remain flexible to change alongside new developments. The Implementation Project needed to integrate with three other developments, namely the redevelopment of the Library website, the implementation of a hosted EZproxy service and the move to Shibboleth authentication, which changed how our library users accessed licenced resources.

This client case-study will look at the various decisions, timelines, collaborations and integration's that contributed to the launch of UCC Library’s new discovery service in August 2017. During the project, there were times of steep learning that resulted in some detours and diversions being taken to ensure the project progressed within its tight timeline. The power of positive collaboration influenced the successful launch of Summon 2.0 and these contributions came from both internal and external partners, namely:

• Internal: UCC Library staff and users; IT Services
• National: CIT; HEAnet; ITB; MU; UCD; UL
• International: Ex Libris Technical Support; Leeds Beckett University; Leeds University

Finally this presentation will look to the post-implementation work currently underway.