Multi-Factor Authentication for AIT Staff

Enabling Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication for AIT Staff.

The age of cloud computing has generated significant conveniences for us, not least the ability to access email and other cloud services such as OneDrive from anywhere in the world. This convenience comes with the risk that if the password to an account is compromised, the data in that account is also compromised. With the advent of GDPR and its associated repercussions, AIT felt duty bound to implement additional security measures to protect its Microsoft cloud based data (including staff and student email mailboxes and OneDrives).

AIT initiated a project in July 2017 to conduct a phased roll out of Microsoft’s multi factor authentication (MFA) to its staff during Q3 & Q4 of 2017.

This presentation will give a description of MFA project (to date) and will address such questions/topics as:

• What are the prerequisites for Microsoft’s MFA?
• How does Microsoft’s MFA work in reality?
• What is the impact on Office365 users?
• Lessons learned and pointers for anyone considering the adoption of Microsoft’s MFA