Delivering A New Library Management Solution to the Higher Education Sector

Room C - Thu 11:30


Fionnuala Lambert - EduCampus
Eilish Cattanach - EduCampus
Peter Barr - Interleaf Technology

We propose to present on the delivery of a new library management solution to the Institutes of Technology, from initial procurement through to implementation, as part of the overall programme of work to refresh the application layer & associated infrastructure of the systems deployed across the Institutes of Technology.

EduCampus will present in collaboration with the solution vendor, Interleaf, and provide information on the implementation of the Koha library management solution and suite of associated applications.

The anticipated running order is as follows:

1. Overview of EduCampus Solutions Development function and overall MIS Refresh Programme
2. Outline of the procurement process for replacement/upgrade of the library management system
3. Solution architecture, product benefits and technical overview
4. Implementation – challenges & achievements
5. Summary – EduCampus service offering