Champions & Ambassadors

Champions & Ambassadors – Building Digital Confidence Through Staff-Student Partnership Projects.

Building digital skills, and confidence in the use of technologies, is crucial to support student success and improve employability. It is also vital, in any higher education institution, for staff to feel fully comfortable with the range of technologies being used across all the organisations' operations and be aware of the potential for innovation in teaching and learning. Whilst the traditional approach to such ‘up-skilling’ tends to be through the provision of formal taught courses, or training workshops, we have developed, piloted, and evaluated a new scheme which has been co-created by teams of students and support staff.

The Digital Champions project in NUI Galway, and the parallel Digital Ambassadors scheme in UCD, have run now for the past two academic years and are now being ‘mainstreamed’. They provide an excellent case study in the design and delivery of collaborative, flexible, and creative approaches to building confidence and ‘cascading’ knowledge and skills more widely across institutions.

This presentation will describe both schemes (and similar models in other partner institutions) and summarise what has been learned from these initiatives, along with recommendations for similar work in any higher education institution.

We acknowledge the work and support of all our colleagues across the All Aboard partnership (NUIG, UCD, UL, MIC) in this work.