LT09: Digital Mobility Platform: UCC Connect

Room A - Thu 15:15


TIME STAMP 39:09 - 43:41

2017 saw us upgrade our existing mobility platform, UCC Connect, a mobile application for students. With the help of HEAnet we’ve enhanced the existing functionality to allow students sign on once and gain access to a personalized dashboard of university digital services. This tiled dashboard allows students access to their timetable, filterable news feed, email, timetables, maps, emergency information, and more.

We’ve added the ability for IT administrators to send notifications, and to add or remove web based services as the need arises, reducing a reliance on third party vendor involvement.

UCC see this as the development of a mobility platform for content delivery to our students and believe that by partnering with HEANET technologies such as Edugate, we can offer our students a mobile experience that is appropriate for a 21st century University.