The Connected Campus - An Identity Management Success Story

Room B - Fri 11:00


Have you ever considered how many cards you carry around in your wallet? … bank cards, loyalty cards, membership cards …

All of these cards serve the same purpose =>identifying to a service provider who you are so that you can access their services.

Wouldn’t it be great if all these service providers collaborated to use the same means of identifying who I am?

Life in a University has similar challenges. There are many services and service providers and many systems providing these services.

In this presentation I will share UCD’s evolving journey to deliver a Connected Campus built on the foundation of UCD’s Identity Management system.

With this approach, things like access to buildings (campus accommodation, swimming pool, Library, ..), cashless vending (in restaurants, printing & photocopying, vending machines) and access to online systems & services are all provided by a single means of identification, even though the services are owned by different service providers.

But it’s not all about the Technology: a Connected Campus also requires collaborative, joined-up thinking for it to be a success.