LT07: Automating Business Processes With No Code Solutions


I will discuss the progress made to date in University College Cork with automating business processes using no-code solutions.

The impetus for this project was the increasing demand for online forms, approvals, and workflows. We considered multiple no-code solutions on the market before implementing a mixed approach with both Office365 services and third-party applications. I will highlight how IT Services took a key role in enabling digital transformation. Key to this was encouraging digital business agility in each business process we worked with.

This is in line with the strategic goal of the University to create a seamless student-centred administrative, academic and extracurricular experience.
Alternative Site Reliability Engineering, (ALT SRE), is like the SRE which Google does, but not as good. It's an in house developed automation tool, (i.e. a script), that ties together the common tools, (sometimes just as simple as 'service blah restart' on a server, or remotely power cycling it), to get the clusters to heal themselves of common problems and free up admins for other tasks.

This lightning talk will discuss why the idea of automating the remediation of common hardware faults came about, how it is implemented, the poor design decisions made along the way as well as some of the pitfalls of having a self-healing computing cluster. And some possible future developments.