I Just Don't Know What To Do With Azure


As the result of unused Monetary Commitment from a previous project. The Infrastructure team in Maynooth University were tasked with very quickly finding a solution to use the leftover Monetary Commitment in Azure before it expired at Anniversary.
This talk will focus on the approaches taken to ensure the remaining Monetary Commitment was spent in a way that was beneficial to both the IT Department and the University as a whole.

Detail will be provided on the use of Azure Blob Storage as a Backup Repository and how the remaining Monetary Commitment was invested in Azure Virtual Machine Reserved Instances, the availability of which led to the Infrastructure team taking a cloud first attitude when scoping new Projects.

The final part of the talk will give an outline of how Azure is now effectively a third Datacentre as we have extended our network to Azure using a Site-to-Site VPN, I will also give a brief summary of our plans for Azure in the short term.