Data Analytics and The Divine Comedy: DANte at NUIG


Sinéad Ní Fhaoláin - NUI Galway
Caroline Horan - NUI Galway

In line with its IT Strategy, NUI Galway has embarked on a Data Analytics journey, first on a pilot basis but crucially answering some questions for key areas right from the outset. As the pilot delivered something useful for a modest sum and the decision support potential could be seen, a second larger project was funded.

Time for branding: this is project DANte. This paper will cover the project journey including the initial challenge of how to get started, the key decisions taken, the cultural and legal challenges, the skills required and developed, the importance of data definitions and senior management support, dealing with the legacy of past approaches to reporting, and a look at what was actually delivered by the project, along with future plans for data analytics in the University as we follow DANte from reporting hell through purgatory and on towards paradise.