Move More, Feel Better - The UCD Experience of Active Campus Europe (ACE)


Susan Gray - UCD

MOVE MORE, FEEL BETTER - An EU-funded campaign to engage students in a healthy programme of activity – the UCD experience.

Active Campus Europe (ACE) is an Erasmus+ project to “help integrate healthy activity into everyday university life for students. It is particularly aimed at those for whom sport and exercise have not previously been a priority. Individual monitoring, health screening and health tests, workshops and lectures, individual feed-back and low participant fees make it easy to participate and getting enthusiastic about physical activity”(1). The technology used to support this campaign is an existing UCD event management platform (Booking Centre - ‘BC’). Configuration changes and some development work was required for the ACE project.

The objectives:

1. REACH: Diversity across the student population

2. ACCESS: Easy access to payment methods, class details, online class-bookings and contact with other ACE participants

3. ENGAGEMENT: Students should include healthy activity in their daily lives during and after completing the ACE programme.

Meeting the objectives:

The ACE programme was advertised on the UCD website, UCD Sports & Fitness website and UCD Student portal. Details of costs, class-content, duration, timetable and expected outcomes from the classes were available on desktop (all browsers) and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

The Realex payment gateway already in use in BC was configured to accept ACE payments. Students could use credit/debit or UCards (UCD Student ID Card) to pay via mobile and desktop devices. Payment included membership for that semesters’ classes and access to specific dressing rooms (also available through the UCard).

Class schedules, booking into classes, reminders of class times and other communications are all supported by the current BC email function. The existing audit trail of communication through BC with the students proved useful. Access to use those tools is controlled by user rights which are date-driven. Updates to users’ rights are included in an overnight job.

The instructors’ access to the ACE programme in BC was updated by the Sports and Fitness team manually. Students’ rights were updated automatically by confirmed payment of ACE fees. For each cohort access was granted for one semester only.


Existing BC reports include data on:

• Gender
• Nationality
• Cohort attendance

General statistics were issued to ACE at the end of the year. GDPR considerations will be reflected in data captured in 2018/19.

REFERENCES: (1): Active Campus Europe