Equality & Diversity in HE: Leading For Change


Prof Anne Scott - NUI Galway

There are a number of reasons why Irish Higher Education institutions needs to change and to embrace greater equality and diversity. Some of these reasons relate to issues of social justice and some to a straightforward business case regarding what is requires for these institutions to be sustainable and flourish in the future.

Regardless of the reasons for change there are certain things we need to know as a basis for successful change; for example we need to know our data, what are the relevant facts about our institutions? And we need to recognise matters of equality, diversity and inclusion are the responsibility of the entire higher education community.

Having a deep and comprehensive understanding of the purpose and nature of higher education and of our higher education institutions, and the relevance of equality, diversity and inclusion to those ideals, and those institutions, I argue, is also fundamental - both to successful change and to taking colleague with us on this journey. Then we need a plan!

In this presentation I will touch on a number of the issues mentioned above, and talk through a recent experience of working for sustainable change as one institution moves to embrace greater equality, diversity and inclusion.