EduCampus Services provides quality IT and IS shared services to the higher education sector. We have been in operation since 1st October 2015, successfully delivering a portfolio of business-critical systems to the Institutes of Technology. Our current portfolio of applications comprises Student Management, HRM & Payroll, Finance, Library and Student Credentials.

We are committed to quality in the design, implementation and operation of the environments and services we provide. Our aim is to deliver value for money through efficiencies at multiple levels including economies of scale, aggregated demand and synergies with our parent company, HEAnet.

Since 2015, we have made significant progress on the MIS Refresh Programme which is comprised of a series of projects to refresh the application layer and associated infrastructure of the systems deployed across our client community. A key objective of this programme is to take advantage of the considerable developments on the cloud computing landscape and the development roadmap of the application vendors.

Our vision is to continue to implement, maintain, and support business critical systems for our current client community and to develop quality solutions for an expanded client base. We will continue to collaborate with clients and stakeholders to deliver a service that is responsive and based on our customers’ needs.