Sony Professional Solutions

Universities – and the communities within them – are evolving. This is driven partly by emerging technology, and partly by student expectations of the learning process. Students increasingly want an interactive, immersive experience that will guide them to their chosen career. So lecture halls are being replaced by active learning spaces designed to drive discussion and collaboration. And the content of courses is becoming participatory and largely virtual.

At Sony, our mission is to keep you ahead of this change. To enable you to create dynamic, unique learning experiences on a campus that has no boundaries.

We also understand that every institution has its unique needs and constraints, so we don’t provide cookie-cutter solutions. So whether you’re installing a single screen or equipping a new campus from top to bottom, we are here to partner and advise you at every stage of your journey.

Ultimately, by choosing Sony, you’re choosing a world-leader in creating engaging educational experiences, one that puts you in full control and makes you the first choice for students everywhere.

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